My name is Sahll ,from South China Agriculture University,majoring in Horticulture but I have no interest in it.I spent much of my time learning somethings else,and finally I figure out what I’m going to do for the rest of my life which is so called SEO/SEM.


Of course you can call me Shall which is my English name.

This blog have cover a variety of topics about China,such as the great wall of Chinathe people of China and China culture.If you want to travel in China,fell free to contact me for the infomation or any help.

For further details about me: introductino of this blog

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I’m a chinese and so happy to introduce my country to you .Althouth it maybe difficult for you to understand all what I say,I will try my best to present the best things of China for you.

First,let’s look at the Great Wall of China ,one of the greatest things that chinese people have ever built

We Love Peace

Chinese people think it is very important to be polite and kind to others.China’s economic is growing faster and faster and is becoming more and more inportant in global affair.Many foreigners are afraid we are aggressive.This thoughts is absolutely wrong about China.I”m coming here to say we Chinese people love peace and hope to hvae mutual development with any Country in the world

You can learn more about the people of China

I have my blog in 2006 but it is a great pity that my blog was set up in the blog community before diciding Nongge independent domain name blog.

Although my PR value is 0,please trust me,this blog will be a good one.I will be here to share with you the ups and downs seo world of China SEO

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Here is another interesting Article aobut China:

Chinese people Love peace–Chinese Culture

Hope you can find something really usefull in this blog and fell free to contact me if you have any question about this blog

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